Frequently asked questions

About the one-day Theory Course

Can you tell me more about the course?

We start at 10 AM and finish around 5:15 PM. There is always coffee and tea available for free.

The course is divided into eight subjects. There are breaks in between. We start every subject with an explanation. After we explained everything you need to know, we practise together with questions. This way we repeat the content, so you will remember everything a lot easier.

It’s an interactive course. You are allowed to ask questions at any time.

When will I receive the extra study materials?

You will receive immediately access to the online exam platform after you registered on a course. So you can start within minutes from now.

You will receive additional study material from the theory teacher when you enter the course:

  • The summary of the theory book
  • Guide: ‘Get your driver’s license’
Where are you located?

We have several locations. Check our Location page for more information.

What do I get for €99?

The €99,- included everything you need to pass the CBR theory exam in one go:

  • One-day Theory Course
  • 50 Online Exams
  • 3250 Practising Questions
  • 2 Weeks of Access to all our Live Videostreams
  • Summary of the Theory Book
  • Guide: Passing your CBR exam
  • Mobile Apps
  • Chat support
What is this Live Videostream?

We have a huge variety of students from all over the world! Some are native English speakers; some have 30 years of driving experience. However, there are some that have trouble understanding the words and do not have any driving experience.

The one-day theory course covers everything you need to know for your exam. Despite this, some of our students need some extra help. Therefore, we add two weeks of access to our Online Live Videostreams. These Online Live Videostreams are the same as the one-day course with the same teachers and same study materials, just separated into 3 parts and these are taught online. 

About the exam

Do you book the official CBR theory exam?

No, it’s a lot faster to book this yourself at You will be done within a few minutes.

Be careful: there are websites that promise a (faster) theory exam. This is not possible. CBR changed made a lot of changes. You need to authorize this company first (same sceen as booking the theory exam yourself). You pay too much, get a theory exam at a different time (much later) than promised or never hear from them again. Don’t get scammed! Always book yourself at

Does the course includes the official exam?

No, you can book the theory exam here:

Can I do the course and exam on the same day?

Yes, sometimes. This depends on the availability of CBR. Check the website of CBR.

If there’s not an exam available, remember you have access to the Live Videostreams as well. This way you can do  the Online Live Videostream on the same day as the CBR exam. Check all Online Courses.


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